Sukkah Decorations of All Kinds

This week its no surprise our heads and hands were full of Sukkot projects! Each קבוצה (kevutzah- group) did several rounds of yetzirah projects and explorations to create sukkah decorations- and, even, an actual sukkah!

Shorashim built a life-sized sukkah last week… and then they “ate sukkah dinner” inside of it, made paper chains, painted/stamped a לולב (lulav) and אתרוג (etrog) banner and colored so many Hebrew letters (a Shorashim boy then unscrambled the Hebrew letters to create ופרש עלינו סכת שלומך (Ufros Aleinu Sukkat Shlomecha- Spread over us your canopy of peace)!

Photo Sep 17, 3 20 22 PMPhoto Sep 23, 5 12 05 PM



Photo Sep 23, 2 44 01 PM


Nitzanim did leaf rubbings in yetzirah and built a sukkah Beyt Nitzanim last week… and this week they cut out their leaves and hung them from the schach (the special roof of a sukkah made with leafy finds and branches) and explored the tzeva’em and shapes of the לולב (lulav) and אתרוג (etrog) with pastels!


IMG_5950Photo Sep 23, 4 34 21 PMPhoto Sep 23, 4 41 14 PMPhoto Sep 24, 2 12 22 PMPhoto Sep 24, 2 15 27 PM 

What shapes do you see? 

“an ovalish shape”…

“well, with this point it”…

“it looks kind of like a heart but squished!”


And, finally, Anafim has been exploring, studying, conversing, and thinking really hard about the 4 species. Each child chose a part to illustrate with a reason why, of course!

“I chose the etrog and lulav because I have reasons… I like sour things, and I chose the lulav because I like to stand up straight!”

“The etrog because I like the heart… and because a lemon can save your life. I saw that on a commercial once, it was for a book called ‘Who Knew?!’ ”

Photo Sep 24, 5 00 42 PM Photo Sep 24, 5 00 24 PM

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