In the Sukkah

It’s Sukkot! We’ve spent a lot of time outside in the sukkah. What a gorgeous week for our holiday!

We had כיבוד (kibud – snack) every day out in the sukkah.

Photo Sep 23, 3 59 45 PM

Children explored the colors and shapes of a lulav and etrog, and practiced mixing oil pastels to make their drawings.

Photo Sep 24, 2 12 22 PM Photo Sep 24, 2 14 45 PM IMG_5965 IMG_5969 Photo Sep 24, 2 14 37 PM Photo Sep 24, 2 15 18 PM

On Tuesday, Shorashim (Nursery 3 – Pre-K) invited Anafim (2nd – 3rd gr.) and Nitzanim (K – 1st) to a sukkah party. Shorashimers drew cards with lots of picutres of fruit to bring to the sukkah, and gave the cards to the older children. Shorashim also baked a special Sukkot treat: banana bread with chocolate chips! It was so funny to sing: “To the sukkah we will bring/ Bananas and chocolate chips on a string/….”

Photo Sep 24, 3 56 15 PM

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