Anafim explores Sukkot!

Last week in Anafim we began our exploration of the Arba Minim (the four species of plants used on sukkot: lulav, etrog, haddassim, and aravot.) This week we picked up where we left off, working on final drafts of realistic drawings of the arba minim and also continuing our representations of the arba minim as both plants and the corresponding body parts as thought out by the rabbis.

Photo Sep 24, 3 06 03 PM

On Tuesday, after kibbud in the sukkah with the whole Jewish Enrichment Center, we just had to build sukkot in beit anafim. We built some awesome sukkot out of pillows, using a book for a table, googley eyes for chairs and other ingenious and creative solutions for the schach (covering of the sukkah usually made of something that grew.) Alongside the pillow sukkah we had an extra special activity looking at entries to the super cool SUKKAH CITY contest that took place in New York City in 2010 (check out and the documentary.) We then worked on designs for our own sukkot and built them out of sticks, leaves and twine. What a challenge, but so much fun! Chag Sameach!


Photo Sep 24, 5 04 22 PM


Photo Sep 23, 5 13 32 PM

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