Getting to Know Each Other in Nitzanim

This week, the Nitzanim have been getting to know each other!

During משחקים (mischakim, games) our new favorite game is “לרוץ (larutz, run) if…” where each child suggests something about themselves, like the color of their pants or that they have a big brother. Then, all of the children for whom that is also true (all the children with big brothers, or pink pants) get to stand up and run around the circle!

We’ve also each colored an All About Me page and are taking turns sharing it with the group.

This child is sharing his page–he loves to play with his friend. Some of the questions the Nitzanim asked him were, “What do you like to play?” and “Where do you like to play?”

We are excited to hear more about each other as the weeks go on.

Photo Sep 24, 3 10 01 PM

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