Week Two in Anafim


We had a great second week in Anafim! We are getting very excited for sukkot and spending lots of time exploring the arba minim: the lulav and etrog (and hadassim and aravot).


After looking at the Torah passage describing these four species we found ourselves puzzled as to why these particular plants might be chosen. Morah Hinda found some passages where the Rabbis made some suggestions. One rabbi compared the different plants to different body parts. We used special art supplies (including googly eyes) to represent the arba minim and the corresponding body parts. We also are in the midst of another project in yetzirah so check back next week for pictures of our final project.


Along with our exploration of sukkot we are moving full speed ahead with our Hebrew. Most of us worked on word searches of sukkot words, in ivrit! We are writing our shemot on everything and playing so many new ivrit games!

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