Getting to know סתו (staav, fall)

This week in yetzirah, we focused on the צבעים (tzevahem, colors) of סתו (staav, fall) and the Jewish holidays like סוכות (Sukkot) that happen this time of year.
We took nature walks and filled our baskets with twigs and leafy finds. When we brought them inside we explored their changing צבעים (tzevahem, colors). It was a challenge remembering all of the colors in Hebrew- we knew them so well last year, but may have forgotten over the summer!

In Shorashim, the children built their own סוכה (sukkah)- yes, built! As in with “tools that our mommies and daddies use” as one boy put it! Though this סוכה (sukkah) was strong, it needed festive decorations! So we explored with our natural materials and carefully studied pictures of סוכות (sukkot) for inspiration…

In Nitzanim, decorating a סוכה (sukkah) is underway with colorful leaf rubbings in סתו צבעים (staav tzevahem, fall colors). The children worked in pairs: as one child called out the color in Hebrew, their partner listened carefully and chose that color oil pastel for the leaf rubbing. It was a challenge to read the Hebrew and to listen to your partner, but the project was cheerful and noisy, resulting in exciting scribbles over the leaves and bursts of fall colors! Perfect for hanging from the (s׳chach, the special roof of a sukkah made of natural materials ie: leafy branches)!



Stay tuned for more building and decorating of our סוכות (sukkot). And we welcome you to stop by Beit Shorashim and Beit Nitzanim to see the progress!

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