Nitzanim Explore Sukkot and Ivrit!

This week the Nitzanim group was finally in full swing! We continued getting back into our עברית (ivrit, Hebrew) by practicing writing our own שמות (shemot, names), our friends שמות, and getting to know the Alef Bet using puzzles, stencils, and free-hand writing!

Photo Sep 17, 4 46 21 PM

We also continued exploring סוכות (Sukkot)!  After some of us got to make our own, miniature or collapsable sukkot, today the whole group worked together to build one sukkah for our room.

Photo Sep 17, 2 33 53 PM

We made a list of everything we need to make it a sukkah:

A roof made of leaves; walls made of blankets and wood; decorations (children suggested apples, bananas and pairs as the fruit they would hang in their sukkah); stars and a moon to see through the roof; and a table and chairs for our guests.

Here is what we have built so far:

Photo Sep 18, 5 06 38 PM

Our sukkah will stand all through Sukkot so we can continue to build it together!

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