In Shorashim, we’ve been playing with the part of the Yonah (Jonah) story where he’s on the boat running away, and a big storm comes. Finally, the sailors throw Yonah overboard and sea is calm again. We’ve explored feeling like a storm inside (really angry), and getting calm again.

Storm/Calm. Storms use big arms, and calm uses little arms.

Photo Aug 27, 10 06 16 AM

Photo Aug 27, 10 06 26 AM

Making a bottle to shake like a storm.


We’ll keep our storm bottles in Beit Shorashim all year. When a child feels stormy, s/he can shake the bottle and watch the storm until s/he feels calm again. We love seeing if the things inside float or sink, or even stick to the side of our bottles.


Photo Aug 27, 2 15 44 PM

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