Camp with Nitzanim, Jonah and the Big Fish

Today was a fun start to a new year with the Nitzanim! Camp this year is all about Jonah and The Big Fish, which we’re using to explore what it feels like to be full of emotion, and how we can take time and space to calm down.

To start exploring the story of Jonah, we did two projects in Yitzirah!

First, we drew some backdrops of different scenes from Jonah, which we hung in our classroom to help with reenacting the story later.


Then, in the afternoon, we talked about what it feels like to be really full of emotions–like when Jonah runs away to Tarshish–and what it feels like to be calm and in control–like when Jonah comes out of the belly of the fish after three days.

One boy said “Sometimes when I’m all wild horses then I’m a 10.” When we asked how he calms down when he feels like that he said, “After I got to my room and play with toys, then I feel more calm.”

We took those ideas to paper, and each child drew what a “1”–calm, happy–feels like, and what a 10–fully of feelings, angry–feels like.


Stay tuned to hear how we keep exploring these ideas!

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