Anafim’s First Camp Day

Wow. What a fantastic first day of Jewish Enrichment camp in Beit Anafim! All of our anafim-ers have younger siblings in camp and we were extra-special nice to them, sitting with them at Shirat Boker, playing outside on the playground and eating lunch together.

We started our day (after shirat Boker of course!) with super special mischakim. We played shofar tag, reviewing the names of the shofar sounds and practicing what they sounded like when we wanted to avoid getting tagged. As we got acclimated to life in Beit Anafim and revved up our ivrit brains. We wrote out our shemot in ivrit, counted to 50 in ivrit and spent much of the day playing “telephone” with ivrit words and phrases. We are certainly excited to be using our ivrit!

Photo Aug 26, 10 47 03 AM

Photo Aug 26, 9 12 46 AM

After so much activity in the morning we spent a long time winding down reading the story of Yonah, which we will really get to know during our time in camp.

Photo Aug 26, 10 37 20 AM

In Yetzirah we made comic strips of the story and included some very creative interpretations (who would guess that Yonah would fall from a plane into the mouth of a shark!) We are so excited for the rest of the week in Anafim camp, we can’t wait to keep using our ivrit and to learn more about Yonah and Rosh Hashanah!

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