These Pictures Show Why I Do It

As many of you know, the Jewish Enrichment Center has been my volunteer project for the past three or so years. Someday I’ll receive monetary compensation for this work (want to join the board? it’s in the works), but for now, I have these photos. And for me, the moments captured in these photos are what it’s all about: parents and children exploring Judaism together, each family distinct from the next, but connecting with each other, remembering Jewish experiences and creating new ones. I cry. In each photo, I hear the stories you’ve shared about your families, about your families’ Jewish history, about your hopes and dreams for your children. I know a small part of what you carry into our community. I am deeply moved by, and thankful for, the gift of your participation in our community.

Thank you for a wonderful year together.



Photo Jun 09, 9 11 42 AM

Photo Jun 09, 9 35 10 AM IMG_5322 IMG_5306 IMG_5303


IMG_5299 IMG_5295

Photo Jun 09, 10 24 54 AM

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