A Year of Yetzirah Revisited

This week in Yetzirah (and in Beyt Shteelim!), the Shteelimers reviewed many of the skills, techniques and Ivrit (Hebrew) vocabulary they learned throughout the year. It’s interesting to see what they remember, how they’ve improved and how they do things differently this time around.Photo Jun 02, 9 25 32 AM

Several Shteelim girls showed off their Ivrit (Hebrew) writing skills by painting the אותיות (otiot- letters) of the א,ב with a Q-Tip as a fun writing utensil!

Photo Jun 04, 3 34 07 PMPhoto Jun 03, 4 17 59 PM Photo Jun 03, 4 17 16 PM

To revisit the drawing and tracing skills from creating Self Portraits during Boker Tov, the Shteelimers traced ידיים (yadiem- hands)… And DOUBLE BONUS these can be used later on their עץ (etz- tree) to note friendly actions and words!

Our goal here was not only to recap the year to see growth but to take it one step further! For example, this Shteelimer girl excited the group by showing a “shadowy” technique. “Want to see how I make it shadowy? I just use my finger like this!” She rubbed pencil marks to smear the lead and create shading.

Photo Jun 04, 3 39 18 PM Photo Jun 04, 3 39 29 PM

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