Children of the Enrichment Center

As we reach the end of the year, I am starting to notice how the children of the Enrichment Center have changed, improved, opened up, grown up. One thing (among many) that stood out to me recently, is how they have bonded. They run in the door with smiles and excitement, talking to each other and telling us about the happenings of their day.


During their day here they play and learn together, read each other books and even make sure everyone has the Yetzirah supplies they need. Just this past Tuesday one Shteelim girl asked another “What markers do you need for your picture? I’ll make sure I don’t put them away if you need them.”

The Shteelimer’s tree is evidence of that! (They couldn’t decide who should tape the yad up, so after compromising they did it beyachad!)
Even after Shirah/Tfillah, it doesn’t end. They bounce up from the rug and run out to play tag together while the parents talk amongst themselves. It’s great to see them enjoying time together and it’s contagious!



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