May 23


This week, Nitzanim filmed our show about David and Yonatan. (Oh, my!)

We assembled the sets, using shrinky-dink props and shoebox sets we’d made in yetzirah.


We showed each other our puppet scenes to get feedback from fellow Nitzanimers.


We read our scenes out loud again using the storybook we made, to recall details from the story before we filmed.


We played Hebrew games while we waited for our turn to film.


We played lots of games. Filming everyone’s scenes took a while!


Here, children have self-organized a few minutes of quiet before we start working again.


The second part of our show involves interviewing David, Yonatan, and Melekh (King) Shaul. We made notes for interview questions and answers.


Here, Melekh Shaul is interviewed about how he’s feeling. (This theme is about yedidut – friendship, remember? Nitzanim has focused on understanding our own feelings and our friends’ feelings.)


Interviewing a very sad David, who has had to leave his best friend, Yonatan, and doesn’t know when he’ll get to see him again.


Part of the girl-team that designed and acted out the scene of the women singing in the street.


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