Yedidut (Friendship) in Nitzanim

After nearly two years together in Nitzanim, we love being together. We’ve worked things out time after time, learned language that keeps everyone emotionally safe, and we’ve grown in being able to see what’s going on with a friend and respond appropriately. It is such a joy to be a Nitzanimer these days!! We love being together!!

Here are some of the things we enjoyed doing together this week:

– Laughing together while we draw pictures for the Shiron (songbook)


– Playing Bingo with numbers in Hebrew (they were hot games this week!)



– Falling over together doing the tree pose (also for our Shiron – songbook!)


– Helping each other complete a Hebrew word search


– Building a set together for our Yedidut (friendship) final project

Photo May 13, 5 10 14 PM

– Sharing stories

Photo May 14, 2 15 42 PM

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