Not Just for Grown Ups! Shteelim at Sinai

To celebrate Shavuot, Shteelim reenacted the story of Har Sinai (Mt. Sinai). A beautiful midrash (rabbinic tale/ interpretation) about the story of Sinai is that all Jewish people (past and future, young and old, Jew by birth and Jew by choice) were at Sinai together.

We used our imaginations to travel out of Egypt, across the red sea, through the desert, all the way to Har Sinai. We acted out the story, pretending that each child got the Torah handed down to them from on top of Har Sinai. All this was to show Shteelim…the Torah doesn’t just belong to grown ups! It’s yours too.

We also took turns building Har Sinai. One midrash teaches that Har Sinai was a little mountain surrounded by bigger mountains to show that anyone can come and reach Torah. Together we read a children’s version of this story and took turns making little mountains in pairs. This meant practicing all of our yedidut (friendship) sharing language about playing biyachad (together)

Working in pairs to build a little Har Sinai next to bigger mountains.


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