The Inside Scoop on David the Harp Player

This week the morot (educators) posed a big question to the Shteelimers in order to further explore the story of David and Shaul. And so we asked, “How do you think David felt becoming the King’s harp player?”

The Shteelimers had the following ideas.

– Happy because  he wanted to be a harp player/ musician and before he was a shepherd.

– Sad because he missed being a shepherd.

– Happy because he got to help Shaul feel better.

– Sad because it didn’t always work and a lot of times Shaul still felt bad.

– Sad because he had to help Shaul and Shaul was mean and angry.

– Maybe he felt like a slave.


Then Shteelim began a new project of putting these ideas onto our very own scroll…just like the scroll that holds the story of David! There’s a whole lot more where this came from!








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