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It was hot in Beit Nitzanim. The children were restless. Whatever I had in my mind about what we would do next with the story of David and Yonatan was clearly NOT what the children were interested in doing.

So I asked them: what do YOU think we should do?

Photo Apr 29, 4 22 00 PM

Wham! Total focus. Bouncing up and down on the couch in excitement about the possibilities. Everyone added their opinion, even children who were working on cards for a Nitzanimer who broke her arm this week.

And, wow! I’m not going to give away the children’s great ideas about our final project for this theme, but they’re fabulous. And what amazing collaboration I’m witnessing. Here’s a little peek into what they’re working on now. Can you tell what our children are doing? More clues next week!


Photo Apr 30, 3 05 34 PM

Photo Apr 30, 2 43 10 PM

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