Aleph Beit Bonanza

This week Shteelim dug into the Aleph Beit in new ways. When we realized the children were especially excited to play a colorful Aleph-Beit matching game we kept on adding steps and challenges to deepen their exploration and enliven their learning. Here is how you play!

Step one: Line up the Aleph Beit cards face down and flip over two. Do you know the אות ot (letter?) If you do shout it out with the sound it makes. “Gimmel! G-g-g-g-g-g-gimmel!”

_hUcriGLu7x0T8MALAgUg-rT4ldruhcTQGODgbWPLkEStep two: If you don’t know the אות ot (letter), pick it up, stand next to an Aleph Beit chart. Sing through the Aleph Beit!



Step three: Stop when you reach the אות ot (letter) that looks the same! Hold it up to the Aleph Beit chart to be sure and then call it out!



With these three steps and increased explorations in writing Hebrew letters, the children are using the final weeks in Shteelim to really deepen their Aleph Beit skills!





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