Apr 25

A New Development in Nitzanim

Last week, I wrote about the new magnet boards in Nitzanim where children choose words that describe how they’re feeling. Our use of the boards has been turning into something quite wonderful.


When they come in, a majority of the children are now choosing TWO words that best describe how they feel. At pegisha (meeting time), we read aloud the child’s name and his/her words. If s/he wants, s/he can say a sentence about why s/he chose those words. Then s/he calls on another Nitzanimer for a comment or question.

Choosing words to describe our feelings.

Choosing words to describe our feelings.

How carefully the children have been listening to each other! Even if they’re slightly restless during the beginning of our pegisha routine, everyone focuses when someone is sharing about their feelings. Comments have included, “I hope you have a good day,” and, “I hope you feel better soon.” Most questions are curious, like, “Why do you feel worried today?” Children are responding so compassionately!

Sharing at pegisha.

Sharing at pegisha.

Stay tuned to find out how we link our work with emotions to our biblical story of friendship about David and Yonatan.

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