Apr 24

David & King Shaul in Yetzirah

This week in Yetzirah, both Shteelim and Nitzanim dove head first into the story of David and King Shaul in all it’s complexity of characters, secret codes and emotional scenes.
Shteelim first worked beyachad [together] to create visual aids that would then be used during their play to cue scenes and characters.




Second, the Shteelimers created backdrops for the different scenes of David & King Saul. Again, working beyachad, they focused on learning new drawing techniques such as cross-hatching to show shape, direction and shading. Just look at the fascination in this boy watching the girl demonstrate the technique step-by-step!






The Nitzanimers focused on understanding an even more complex version of the story and broke it down by creating illustrations that will be made into a book!

Photo Apr 22, 3 38 47 PM Photo Apr 22, 3 38 52 PM 

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