Learning Through Puppets

This week Shteelim learned what we educators call “social scripts” which is a fancy way to facilitate friendly behavior, sharing, compromising, and other skills that children can carry into their growing years!

In Yetzirah, we focused on the script “Can we do this beyachad [together]?”…”Ken [yes]!” -or- “Lo, toda [no, thank you]. Maybe later.” In Beyt Shteelim, these words can sure come in handy when a chaver wants me to share my building blocks or play in the meetbach [kitchen] with me!

First, we made little Shteelimer puppets because sometimes it can be easier to learn something by role playing with a puppet- it takes the pressure off.

Photo Apr 16, 3 43 03 PM

Even during this step of the project, I heard lots of friendly words like “Can you please pass me the varod tooshem [pink markers]?” “Toda.”

Photo Apr 16, 3 57 09 PM

Then, the Shteelimers (and their puppets!) took turns acting out the script at each scene, the blocks and the meetbach [kitchen].

Photo Apr 16, 3 58 30 PM

And… next week: a new script for our new Shteelimer puppets!





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