Friendly Yadayim (Hands)

This past Sunday our Shorashimers paid a visit to Beyt Shteelim and were paired up for the day. How exciting to experience a glimpse of their upcoming year! And, how friendly it was for the Shteelimers to welcome them and work side by side!

In Yetzirah, older and younger children traced ידים (yadayim – hands) in pairs.

Photo Apr 07, 10 29 59 AMPhoto Apr 07, 10 30 51 AM


Later in the week, Shteelimers were rearranged in pairs/groups for a slightly more complex version of the yadayim project. A series of decisions had to be made, leading to LOTS OF COMPROMISE. For the young Shteelimers compromise is a fresh concept but so present in their friendship. This was the first step, but we hope to grow their compromising skills and help them carry on healthy friendships!

Photo Apr 09, 3 50 54 PM

Photo Apr 09, 3 50 49 PM






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