Boker Tov Interviews

This week, Nitzanim completed one final investigation of our mysterious words (that we saw first in these morning blessings).

We’ve seen what our mysterious words are in the Torah (something God does), in the Talmud (a discussion among the early rabbis about what to say when we get dressed and ready for the day), and in the סדור siddur (in a prayerbook, the words were a ברכה berakha-blessing).

We also thought about what the mysterious words meant to us.  It was astonishing how the same Hebrew words could mean so many different things!

Still curious, we prepared to ask other Jewish grown-ups what they thought of these words. The children didn’t always understand what the grown-ups said, but we did at least see that there are many different ways to understand the same words. What a tough thing for a first or second grader to consider, but what a strong foundation our children are building for making meaning for themselves in Judaism.

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