Surprises in Shorashim

Like Shteelim and Netzanim, Shorashim is helping to create our beautiful community Ma Tovu tent! (Check out this post to explore this incredible project).


When the Shorashimers approached the white fabric and began to sponge on paint, they were excited to discover Morah Naomi had painted their שמות shemot (names) onto the cloth with a special paint white paint that helps the secret letters pop! Back in Beit Shorashim, we continued honing our afikomen hunting skills with surprise afikomen shapes hidden all around the room.

What surprised me most as the morah, were the element of Pesach that seem to fascinate our 3- 4 year olds.  Pharaoh and his cruelty? The ten plagues? The parting sea? Matzah? Nope! We took a poll and it was the beitzah (egg) on the seder plate!

Shorashim-ers seemed excited to see something they recognized in a holiday of new things. Seeing the shorashim-ers delight in making the Ma Tovu tent and at the egg on the Seder plate reminded me to look for small surprises and as well as the big ones when partnering with children to learn.

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