We Should Replace Maror. (Or Maybe Not.)

Rabbi Rebecca: What are some things Jews might do on Pesach?

{children had many ideas, and then…}

Girl 1: We eat מרור (maror – bitter herb) because of the bitterness of being a slave.

Boy 1: Why would they want to remind us about being a slave? ‘Cause that’s a bad thought.

Girl 2: Yeah, maror is yucky. It makes me cry.

Boy 1: We should have the opposite of being a slave. Instead of maror, we could eat carrots. Or apples.

Boy 2: !תפוחים ודבש (Tapuchim u’devash – apples and honey!)

Girl 2: No, that’s for Rosh Hashanah. [Many children start singing a tapuchim u’devash song.]

Boy 1: Matzah is about the sun.IMG_4224

Boy 3: They didn’t have time to make it.

[Rabbi Rebecca refocuses the group.]

Boy 1: We should eat something sweet, ’cause like, maybe, how sweet it was to get away.

Boy 3: Cupcakes.

Boy 1: Carrots.

Girl 2: Chocolate.


Later, a second group of Nitzanimers responded to the first group:

Girl 3: We should eat maror so it doesn’t happen again.

Boy 4: So we know what it was – what slavery was.

Girl 3: Or also if we eat it, we can sort of feel how they were. Because if we eat it we know not to make it happen again because we feel how they were. Even though sometimes it doesn’t work.


Playing Pesach Go Fish.


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