Mah Tovu: Made By Our Community, For Our Community

Every group of the Jewish Enrichment Center participated in Yetzirah this week- it was pretty extraordinary!

Through out this Boker Tov unit we have focused on ourselves: how we treat others and how the Modeh Ani prayer resonates with us individually. And there’s no better way to wrap up the unit than with a communal activity to visually represent the communal prayer of Mah Tovu.
Soon, you will see a beautiful, albeit grandiose, addition to Kehillah (a space where we gather at the end of each session to sing tfilah and share exciting moments of our day).
I’ll leave what exactly this addition is a surprise, but here are some photos of our community in the process of creation.

The children are clearly represented in each piece of fabric with their שמות (shemot – names) shining through!

Photo Mar 12, 3 22 33 PM Photo Mar 12, 3 22 35 PM


Some children even decided to paint their yad to show “[their] yadayim (hands) made this together!”

20130314-105113.jpg 20130314-105307.jpg

Each group (Shalom Chaverim, Shorashim, Shteelim, Nitzanim) chose two tzeva’im to represent their group.



Photo Mar 11, 4 12 05 PM






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