An Artist’s Layout

To finish up their final Yetzirah project, the Shteelimers did what any real artists would do: they consciously decided how to present their artworks to the public by arranging a layout. Over the past few months our Shteelimers have done several pieces of art including a watercolor painting, a self portrait and four sides of an embellished silver frame.

Each Shteelimer was given a large white background to arrange their artworks. And I gave them free rein of where their works could go. They had so many choices: landscape or portrait layout (wide or tall), how to build their frame and where to put each drawing/painting. This easily could have been chaotic, but I  found that when I showed confidence in them (“You have proven that you are artists by doing many works of art. I encourage you to create a layout, arrange your pieces in a way that you think looks best. I know you can do it!”) they grew excited and began thoughtfully arranging each piece!

Photo Mar 03, 10 29 04 AM

Well done Shteelimers! You have completed the cycle: conceptualizing, creating and finally, curating.




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