Shteelim’s Mah Tovu Tent

We have a new Mah Tovu tent in Beit Shteelim.

IMG_4137Morah Miryam invited us in pairs to come to the Mah Tovu tent. When I stuck a יד (yad – hand) into the tent, I pulled out a surprise! It was a picture of a part of my גוף (guf – body)!


Then I thought about how I could use that part of my guf to do something kind for someone else. And I did it!

Jews say Mah Tovu together, not alone. Our Mah Tovu tent let us continue working on kind choices we can make with our bodies when we’re together. Here are some of kind things children did for friends in Beit Shteelim:

  • רגליים (raglayim – legs): “I’m going to go find a book he’ll like.”
  • פה (peh – mouth): “I like the way you play.” “I like the way you notice when people are sad.”
  • ידיים (yadayim – hands): “I’ll give a hug.” Wait, ask first, Morah Miriam reminded. It turned out that a hug wasn’t welcome right then. “I’ll give a high five!”

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