The Torah- Up Close and Personal!

Shteelimers gathered around the Torah this week…

Girl 1: Wow. It’s sparkling.
Morah Miryam: What do you see?
Boy 1: It’s like an army of letters.
Morah Miryam: Oh, show us where you see an army.
Boy 1. In all the lined up letters. Like Pharaoh’s army is some of the letters and the Hebrews are the other letters.
Girl 1: Yeah and the letters are shinning and sparkling at me. At us.
Boy 1: Yeah! Look! Right there! (Pointing with a Yad to the shine on one of the letters.)
Morah Miryam: And what about behind and in between the letters? What do you see?
Girl 1: It’s so so old and thick but the letters are sparkling on top. It’s all sparkling.
Boy 2: I see it. Wow, wow.

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