Children Revisit Ideas, Part 3

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Part 3:

Could children understand berakhot as something the early rabbis said to get their brains ready for the day? And if the rabbis were getting their brains ready, what were they getting their brains ready to do?

I asked: Why would the rabbis made a berakhah (blessing) after every single little thing they did in the morning?

  • “To say prayers.”
  • “They got ready to read the rest of the Torah.”

Hmmm, I thought. Not exactly evidence that the children are understanding. But then a few children said:

  • “They remembered to be kind to others.”
  • “To be thankful all day.”

YES! And our conversation took off.


Stay tuned…We can get our brains ready for our days in the morning, too. What do Nitzanimers want to get their brains ready to do all day?



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