Children Revisit Ideas, Part 1

The Starting Point:

Children made the connection between ברכות (berakhot – blessings) we say in the morning and the actions of getting up and ready for our day. Here we are acting out our favorite ברכה (berakhah – blessing): הנותן ליעף כח (“Who gives strength to the weary:). We love to shout “koach (strength)!”


Part 1

So…the early rabbis made ברכות (berakhot – blessings) as they got ready in the morning. I checked in with children to see if they had any thoughts about why the rabbis would say berakhot as they got ready in the morning.

  • Boy 1: “Because they were grateful for God letting them do all these things. Because I think God controls every one of us. And one way to be grateful is to pray.”
  • Boy 2: “People are thankful that they can do this stuff. And they’re also happy that they have the stuff to do it – that they’re strong, and have arms and legs.”
  • Boy 3: “That they’re lucky to be a Jew.”
  • Girl 1: “They thought it was important to say prayers.”


Here we are, exploring the berakhot in a סדור (siddur – prayerbook).




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