Celebrating Our First-Time Megillah Readers!

What a joyous Purim!

Our children, ages 4 – 8, stood up in front of our community and READ MEGILLAH! Extraordinary. They’re so young, and already starting to learn Hebrew and lead our community from the bimah. Can you imagine what our children will be like in five years?

Plus: this morning’s accomplishment was such a team effort. Parents, children, and educators, working together to practice, encourage, keep younger siblings out of older siblings’ hair (and somehow most of the younger ones ended up learning the verses, anyway!). What a positive first experience leading Jewish community.

What has this megillah reading experience meant for your family? 


And here they are. (Most of) our megillah readers. Kol hakavod!! We are so proud of you!!

Esther 2:5 – Age 4. Eleven-day-old at home. Grandparents came in town to hear him! age_4_megillah

Esther 2:7 – Age almost 7. Developed her own hand motions! Learned her older brother’s part, too. IMG_4753 (1)

Esther 2:21 – Age 6. Began to figure out how trope (musical notations for singing Torah text) works, too!  IMG_3928

Esther 3:1 – Age almost 8. Learned her verse listening to Rabbi Rebecca’s recording on her mom’s iphone on the way to school. IMG_0630

Esther 3:5 – Age 6. Our community is so proud of him for reading in public! IMG_2325 (1)

Esther 3:2 – Age 6. Surprised herself with how easy it was to learn. age_6_Esther 3.2


















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  1. I am so proud of all the children who read Megillah this year! How wonderful it is to instill this joy and love for Jewish learning in children so young! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!!! I really love being able to see these videos – what a treat!

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