The Joy of Stories

Sometimes the best things in Nitzanim are unplanned.

This year’s Nitzanim group loves to hear stories. For several months, children clamored for ghost, goblin, demon, and witch stories. Turns out there are many scary or spooky Jewish stories available for children, many of them by Eric A. Kimmel.

Then we started reading Chelm stories. The people in the village Chelm are VERY foolish, and Nitzanimers fell off their chairs laughing so hard.

Now that we’re in the latter half of the year, many of our Nitzanimers can read in English. (Hebrew, too, but that’s a different blog post!) Children have started to grab books whenever they can snag a few minutes. A book of stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer is getting a lot of attention. This week, I caught a group with one girl reading aloud to others.


Hours later, one boy, who had started reading by himself, found his story SO funny that he ran and grabbed a few friends to share it with them.


I didn’t plan to introduce our Nitzanimers to these kinds of Jewish stories. Children have led their own exploration of Jewish literature. There’s nothing quite like a good story, shared with a friend. I wonder what kinds of Jewish stories Nitzanimers will turn to next?



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