Modeh Ani Watercolors

This week the Shteelimers started their Boker Tov final yetzirah project by completing the first step: a Modeh Ani watercolor.

First we opened up a discussion about the tzeva’em (colors) we see baboker (in the morning). The children shared: “Adom! I see adom in the morning because I have an apple tree in my yard!”, “Katom, Tzahov and Adom! Like the sunrise.”, “Sagol. Because I get up so early that its still a little dark out.”

We put this knowledge to the paper with individual palettes of watercolors.

Photo Feb 04, 4 13 22 PM


What a surprise! Hebrew letters appeared as we filled the white page with boker tzeva’em! It didn’t take long for our brilliant artists to realize it spelt out Modeh Ani (“I give thanks…”)

Photo Feb 04, 4 16 45 PMWe brought our yetzirah session to a close by discussing what we are glad for in our lives. Modeh Ani. What are you thankful for?




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