Magical Moments From Our Detective Work

What book is your copied page from? “This is a prayerbook. The Torah has stories. The Torah has prayers, but they’re in the story. There’s no stories here, so this is a prayerbook.”

“If I say this prayer, I’m blessing the people on earth.”


What are the rabbis doing on this page of Talmud? “Last year, you [Rabbi Rebecca] were talking about Sukkot, and the rabbis said, ‘We should do this.’ ‘No, we should do this,’ so basically they were arguing. It’s just like that. It’s like they’re discussing a holiday, and here they’re discussing which prayer comes first, like Baruch atah…pokeach ivrim, and Baruch atah…mahteer asurim, and eventually they figure it out.”


After figuring out the “disguise” his words were wearing on this page: “I can’t wait! I want to do another one tomorrow!”


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