Adventures with Yadaim

Today Shorashim did two projects all about ידיים Yadaim (hands).

To start, we made ידיים Yadaim and אצבעות Etzbaot (fingers) out of paper hands, pasta nails, paint, and watches/ bracelets made of pipe cleaners and puff balls.

Then we moved from making Yadaim to exploring how we use our Yadaim in the world. The Shorashimers traveled upstairs to join the Shetilimers. Together we started a Modeh Ani Banner. Modeh Ani is a prayer of thanks Jews say upon waking. We asked each child what they are glad for (especially when they wake up). Then each child drew their hand onto the banner with the help of a Morah. We wrote kind things we can do with our Yadaim and filled the center with things we are glad for in the world.

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