Cooperative Talmud Work

First, we scanned the page for the words we were looking for. Every Nitzanimer is exploring a set of words from one of the morning ברכות (berakhot – blessings), e.g., poke’ach ivrim. We highlighted the words.

Then we set out to figure out what book our copied page was from.

 “This is the book our page is from!”

“Yeah, I think so, too!”

Then someone remembered a conversation from another day, and explained to her friends that “this part [the big block of text] is where the early rabbis are talking, and that part [the smaller text along the side] is where the later rabbis are talking.”

We compared words on the covers of two volumes from this set of books, and by finding the word that was the same on both covers, we figured out what the name of this set of books is called. The Talmud! How excited the children were! “I’ve heard of that book!,” someone said.

We made some notes about what we discovered.



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