Opening My Eyes

We begin our new unit, Boker Tov, and learn about the morning blessings the Rabbis used to recite (the Birchot HaShachar). One of them gives thanks for opening the eyes of the blind: “Pokeach Ivrim”.

To explore this idea of seeing the unseen, in Yetzirah the Nitzanimers chose a small object (one that they had seen many times before, as it has lived in Beyt Nitzanim since the beginning of the year). We covered our eyes, then opened them to look closer at the shell or leaf. We started to notice small details we had never seen before. We saw things in a whole new way.

Then we drew the object and shared our illustration with other Nitzanimers. It was exciting to discover that each of us sees the world in a different way, and one may notice something that another does not see!



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