Boker Tov, Shorashim!

Kicking off our new Boker Tov unit, the Shorashim-ers were curious about a few yellow paper cut outs of the sun on our shulchan.

Morah Miriam: What’s this?

Shorashim-er: This sun in the sky looks like a gear. Gears make the world go.

Morah Miriam: Does the sun make the world go?

Shorashim-er: Well the sun doesn’t turn like a gear. Only the clouds move in the sky. Sometimes in a car it looks like the whole world is moving.

After finishing our conversation about  sun, the Shorashim-ers drew pictures of how they wake up and go to sleep each day. Children drew pictures of their families and favorite animals waking up and saying “Boker Tov!” to start the day with “kind words”.

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