The Tzevah Wheel Game

The Tzevah Wheel Game was a huge hit with our Shteelimers this week! Not only did it produce laughter and clapping, it also helped us review what we’ve learned over the last several months during our Keshet theme: צבעים (tzeva’eem – colors) in Hebrew, primary, secondary and complimentary tzeva’eem and experimenting with mixing different tzeva’eem.

First, we spun the wheel twice to get our two different tzeva’eem! Before we moved on, we had to shout the name of the tzevah in Hebrew three times!

Then, we discovered what tzevah is made when they are mixed together!

Finally, we placed them around a large circle that will soon become a permanent fixture in Yetzirah: a Tzevah Wheel mural made by our Shteelimers.

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  1. This is, by far, the COOLEST game ever! I can’t wait to see that giant tzevah circle complete!

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