New Materials = New Observations About Hebrew Letters

This week, we added new writing materials into Pinat Ivrit. “This is so cool!” one boy said, and a chorus of “yeah!” came from others at the shulchan (table).


 As we wrote, we noticed new things about Hebrew letters:

  • “Hey! The כ are the same!” Someone noticed that we write the כ (khaf) the same way in print and script.
  • “The ג and the ז are the same, but backward!” (The letters gimmel and zayin mirror each other in script.)

Who knew that dry erase markers on plastic sleeves could be so much fun!

Here is one of our alef-bet writing pages with the letters in both print and script. We have several different versions for practicing Hebrew letters.


    • Moreh Mike on January 11, 2013 at 2:47 PM
    • Reply

    What a great way to get kids to practice tracing. You could also use the sleeves for taking “notes”, e.g. put a page of Torah in the sleeve, or a picture representing a certain Torah story, and have one representative of the kids take down all the observations about the text/picture on the sleeve.

  1. What a terrific idea! Thanks. I can already how we’ll use this idea in our next theme…stay tuned!

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