The After-Party: Everyone Invited!

When Shirah/Tefillah (Singing/Prayer) ends at 5:45, the after-party begins. It started with a group of (now) first grade girls who would stay and play for a half hour while their moms chatted.

But this week, one of the moms was out of town, one of the four-year-olds dozed on his mom’s lap during Shirah/Tefillah, and the walls were filled with SO many ideas for a hungry-to-learn first grader to consider…


…that a new group of children and parents stayed to play and chat. “I made a new friend!” the four-year-old yelled as he burst into our post-session staff reflection, pointing to one of the first grade girls. We’re thrilled with all of the new connections. See you at the after-party! Next week, 5:45 PM.

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