Children Work Together to Understand Miracles

We’re learning what the ancient rabbis say about the flood story. One of the rabbis says that there was a miracle to fit all of the animals and food onto the ark.


Rabbi Rebecca: What’s a miracle?

Boy 1: Well, I can’t explain that!

Rabbi Rebecca: Let’s see if we can find some words…

Girl 1: I can kind of explain.

Rabbi Rebecca: Would you like to start us out and we’ll see if we can together figure out some words to explain.

Girl 1: A miracle is something that happens, that’s kind of good that happens to make something better. Like it happens to do something that really helps.

Boy 1: And usually you don’t expect it.

Girl 2: And it’s kind of like magic.

Boy 1: Yeah!

Girl 3: Like in, um, a fairy tale, like in Beauty and the Beast or something, it’s like something happened that is SO like amazing, it’s like someone’s like, “This is SO amazing!” …

Rabbi Rebecca: One of the things about a miracle, um, {Girl 2} called it “magic.”

Girl 1: Yeah, that’s pretty, basically what it is. Because magic is surprising and unexpected.

Boy 1: Yeah.

Rabbi Rebecca: Something that…

Boy 1: Unless it’s a magic show.

Rabbi Rebecca: Would it happen in the natural world, regularly?

Boy 1: Only in a magic show. Like at Akiba-Schechter, we saw a magic show where a magician made money come out of two people’s ears and nose.

Rabbi Rebecca: Now, was that real magic, was that a trick?

Boy 1: Probably.

Rabbi Rebecca: Is a miracle like the tricks of a magic show?

Girl 1: No way. It means that like it’s magic, except it’s something that people can’t do. It’s something, like, impossible, it would be impossible.

Boy 1: Even for a magician.


(The children spot a keshet on the table and start singing, ending the conversation.)

Even when we grab a parent’s iPad to draw at home, we still have keshets on our mind!

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