Mixing Colors in Hebrew

Ask the Nitzanimers. They’ll tell you: אָדוֹם וְצָהוֹב עוֹשִׂים כָּתוֹם. (Red and yellow make orange.)

Or maybe they’ll say: צָהוֹב וְכָּחוֹל עוֹשִׂים יָרוֹק. (Yellow and blue make green.) Or כָּחוֹל וְאָדוֹם עוֹשִׂים סָגוֹל. (Blue and red make purple.)

It was easy to learn because we worked together. We played lots of צבע (tzeva – color) games together, worked with friends to write in Hebrew, and practiced reading together. Before we knew it, most of us could mix our primary צבעים (tzeva’im – colors) in Hebrew!

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