Chayot Big and Small!

This week in Shorashim, we learned the names of chayot (animals) and imagined filling up a great big ark like in the story of Noah.


Morah Miriam: Is our ark full and ready to go?

Boy 1: Not yet! We need to get as many on as we can!

Morah Miriam: Like this peel? (Holding up a toy elephant.)

Boy 2: That won’t fit! And it’s even little! You’d need such a huge ark to fit a big elephant.

Morah Miriam: How big should our ark be?

Boy 2: Bigger then a blue whale! Bigger then a white shark! Bigger then this whole room.

The Shorashim-ers were excited to use their knowledge of animals big and small to bring our imaginary ark to life.

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