A Tzevah Discovery!

While painting our paper goofem (bodies) with all different tzeva’im (colors), one Shteelimer made an exciting discovery!


Girl: “Yellow and red make orange!” pointing the the trays of paint. “That can be my last color [to paint on my goof]” as she mixed the two colors (yellow and red) with a sponge making orange.

Boy: “Do yellow and orange make red?”

Morah Na’omi: “Red is actually a very special color. No colors mixed together can make red. Red is its own color.”

“Wowww…” the other Shteelimers said as they gained interest in how to mix colors.

Girl: “That’s cool!”

Boy: ” Yellow and red actually do make orange!” he exclaimed as he mixing the colors together on his own goof.

The other Shteelimers were excited to experience mixing the colors that make orange, as the Girl Shteelimer had discovered earlier.

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