Similarities and Differences

This week in Shteelim, we continued our exploration of the Noah story and introduced a new idea of looking for similarities and differences. This idea ties into our greater theme of keshet, in that there are many different kinds of tzeva’im (colors) that fit into the keshet together. When we were working on our leaf rubbings (see in earlier blog post), we started talking with the children about similarities and differences with the leaves, and had some really interesting conversations:

Morah Jess noted that 2 leaves looked similar, but not exactly the same, and suggested that maybe the two leaves were related, maybe like cousins. One child replied, “Leaves aren’t like people.” This same child continued discussing the leaves with Morah Jess. When asked if 2 completely different leaves were related, the child studied them and said, “No, because this one is shaped like a circle and this one isn’t.” She also noted that 2 leaves that looked about the same were probably related “because they’re both circle shaped.”

Painting with a feather, exploring similarities and differences when we paint using different materials.

Our detailed exploration of the leaves was a great start to our conversation about similarities and differences in our Jewish lives. Our theme of keshet is coming more and more alive as the children spend more time interacting with it in many different ways.

Painting with a sponge. We’re painting a keshet on our bodies.

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