Is It True? Heard Recently in Nitzanim…

It’s something we wrestle with: are the stories in the Torah true? What does “true” mean, anyway?

  • “When was this story written?”
  • “Is it true?”
  • “I wonder if any of us were alive when this happened…”
  • (After being asked by another Nitzanimer if the story is true:) “We talked about it last year and I couldn’t figure it out.”
  • “How could he fit every single animal on the ark? It doesn’t make sense.”
  • “How are we ever going to answer all of these questions about the story?”
  • “The story isn’t real. Or maybe it happened thousands of years ago.”
  • “Maybe some of the people were real but some of the things the Torah says they did weren’t real.”
  • “How could Noah get every kind of animal and bird and creeping thing? That’s impossible.”

First grader perspective: The flood happened on earth (lower left corner). The blue dots on the earth are the rain. The earth is in the universe.

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