Inviting Guests Into Our Sukkot

Shteelim children (Pre-K and K) were very interested in the Sukkot custom of inviting guests into our sukkot. Children played in the small-size sukkah in Beit Shteelim, preparing food for their guests and inviting friends inside.


In Yetzirah, children made tissue paper guests.

  • “My guest is smiling… Because they’re happy to be here.”
  • My guest’s smile is pink.”
  • “My guest is an alien.” (Morah Na’omi: “Why are aliens visiting your sukkah?”) “It’s an alien sukkah! [Sukkot] can be anywhere… in space. He has sixteen eyes!”
  • My guest is getting married in the sukkah… So that’s why she’s all dressed up with long pink hair.”

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